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Sickle Cell Day Hospital — Adolescent Sickle Cell Treatment Program

Adolescent Sickle Cell Treatment

Transitioning to Adult Sickle Cell Treatment Care

For a teen who has sickle cell disease, the transition to adulthood includes learning how to manage special medical needs and sickle cell treatment. Memorial Sickle Cell Day Hospital offers leading-edge treatment for acute and chronic sickle cell syndromes, as well as guidance and support to help teens transition smoothly into adult sickle cell treatment care.

The Adolescent Program at Memorial Sickle Cell Day Hospital is designed to teach patients age 16 and older how to handle the physical aspects of sickle cell disease, as well as cope with emotional stress. With our assistance, teens can begin to direct their own care and take responsibility for their daily health requirements, including pain management, nutrition, exercise and rest. The Sickle Cell Day Hospital also is a permanent “medical home” where patients can continue sickle cell treatment throughout adulthood.

Advanced Services, Compassionate Care and Research

Our expert staff of hematologists, nurses and support personnel specializes in sickle cell disease and offers some of the latest sickle cell treatment advances. This highly trained team works in partnership with patients, their physicians and their families to help manage and relieve pain. Our patients can learn strategies to self-manage their condition to help avoid acute, painful crises and other complications of sickle cell syndromes. We actively participate in sickle cell disease clinical research. Ask us how to get involved.

Benefits of Our Adolescent Program:

  • Age-appropriate care and counseling in a quiet, comfortable setting
  • Collaboration between Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital physicians and Memorial adult care physicians who specialize in sickle cell disease and its treatment
  • Prompt, aggressive treatment for acute pain crises in an average of five hours, with the added benefit of avoiding or reducing hospital admission
  • Tracking of a patient’s growth, development and pain history to provide highly individualized care
  • Access to a Broward County Public Schools teacher during treatment or hospitalization
  • Smooth transition from pediatric to adult care

Disease-Specific Certification from Joint Commission
Memorial Sickle Cell Day Hospital at Memorial Regional Hospital is the first program of its kind in the nation to receive “Disease-Specific Certification” from The Joint Commission.

For more information about health care services at Memorial Regional Hospital, please call
(954) 987-2000.


Is Your Doctor a Memorial Doctor?
To find a physician who is committed to sickle cell treatment, call Memorial Physician Referral Service toll-free at (800) 944-DOCS. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.